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Use your data to develop your activity!

Businesses today collect all kinds of information, but most do nothing with it. By working together, we’ll help you get the most out of it.


We collect, organise, and analyse your data to boost your performance and improve your skills

Data collection

Analyse your data by centralising it in an ERP

Business Management

Understand what is really going on with simple and effective reports

Modelling and analysis

Find out how your customers really behave and act on it

Live support

Save time by improving your technical knowledge

Training for companies

Help your staff work faster and more efficiently

Share best practices

Take advantage of the knowledge acquired from the best e-merchants around


Make collecting and using data so easy that you’ll never have to worry about it again

Is your data centralised?

We analyse all your data to help find opportunities

There’s nothing worse than missing out on a small trend that could yield a huge profit. We help you set up an ERP and develop a 360-degree vision of your business.

Do you know how the activity is progressing?

We set up effective reports to monitor all your KPIs in real time

Thanks to our reports, you’ll be able to follow the key figures of each division: acquisition, conversion, sales, logistics, after-sales service, CRM, etc. This means you can concentrate your efforts on areas where it is most needed and never feel overwhelmed.


We help you build skills and generate your own growth

Through our training and a near-live support service, your teams will improve day-by-day and become agents of change within your company


This is also why we give it our all; to make our customers happy!

"An exceptional help. I can not recommend Arnaud highly enough for any issues related to BigQuery / DataStudio and, more broadly, SQL. He provides extremely valuable advice, is a source of great ideas, and quickly understands the issues and needs at hand. From high-level work, ranging from set-ups to execution, we will continue to call on him in the future, that's for sure."
Jean-Baptiste Gauche
— Les Raffineurs
"Arnaud masters the complexity of SQL databases and his analytical and communication skills are invaluable. His availability and involvement were greatly appreciated by our entire team. "
David Bochert
— Easyence
"Arnaud was able to fully understand our needs and turn them into an internal reporting tool. Today this is the most useful and internally consulted tool within our company. I will not hesitate to call on him again for any future data-related needs. "
Jean-Baptiste Boubault
— El CoCo
"Arnaud came to our rescue for a stumbling block on a Data Studio project. He was able to resolve it in just a few minutes. He was a great teacher and very responsive. I can highly recommend him and wouldn’t hesitate to call him again! Thanks again!"
Kevin Furet
— Les Deux Vagues
" I have enjoyed working with Arnaud, and his level of involvement has been great from day 1, as well as his professionalism and knowledge of Big Query that has been the main focus of our work. "
Morgan Monzon
— Adntro Genetics
"I had the pleasure of working with Arnaud. Arnaud's technical skills were very strong and his ability to break down complex problems, solve them flawlessly and explain recommendations to senior management was a huge asset to himself and the business. I would not hesitate to work with Arnaud again in the future. "
Oliver Jackson
— Vistaprint

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